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Tips on how to improve blog article/post views/ratings

If article in question is not reaching or being viewed by a wider audience, you might want to consider some of following to reach your desired target:

  • Allow search engines to index your posts
  • Pin your articles to the top of your Global Profile
  • WOW boost your posts/articles
  • Invite friends to like, comment on, and/or share your post to see it glide into “Viral Posts”
  • Place site-wide ad with a link to your post
  • Live stream about your article/post
  • Publish a video post on Blaze and share to Global Feed
  • Create an eRoom on your posts/articles
  • Create a Group on your post/article topic
  • Create a Page, share post to Page, and WOW boost Page.
  • Create a Flame status and add post/article link
  • Create a Global Profile “Status”
  • Do lots of other things!

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