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By default anything yout posts appears on your global profile timeline, and the Global Community Feed until you switch to My Community feed.

Your profiles, whether global, extended, group, and/or satellite, are public pages, though not data you have decided not to share with others in settings such as gender, address, date of birth, etc. Generally, your posts are visible to anyone who visits your profiles or other pages you have created. More specifically,

  • If you have a friends list on HeyJinni, all friends will see your posts by default, unless you change audience to “Only Me”.
  • If you have satellite page followers, they will see all your satellite page posts by default. However, a satellite page follower who is not on your global profile friends list will not see posts you shared with your friends, unless posted with “Everyone” as the audience.
  • If you have WOW boosted posts, all WOW boosted posts appear in the global community feed.
  • Any public post that has received enough comments and/or reactions and landed itself in “Popular Posts”. Here everyone can see your posts unless you have a privacy option applied to your posts such as “Only Me” or “My Friends”. You cannot prevent a post from going into Popular Posts by disabling comments on it alone as likes are enough to set the post on fire! If you do not want to see your post going viral, you should select “Only Me” or “My Friends” as your audience before publishing or sharing.
  • All “Anonymous” posts appear in the global community feed and my community feed by default. An Anonymous post is a post that claims to be from an unknown source. The details of the Jinni member who posted the post is masked by the system (anonymised).
  • Group posts are visible to members of the group in question, but much depends on applied privacy options (public/private).  If a private group, then posts will be visible to group members only. If a public group, then posts will be visible to everyone in the global community feed, regardless of whether the group owner/admin has “My Community” fee enabled.
  • Page posts are visible to everyone in the global community feed.
  • Marketplace items appear in the global community feed as well as the Marketplace until you remove the items.
  • Any Job postings will appear in your (a) Page, (b) global community feed, and (c) Job market, until you remove the posts.
  • Any satellite page (Blaze, Flame or Ultima) posts shared to your global profile timeline also appear in the global community feed, unless you select “only me” or “my friends” as your post audience. However, not all satellite page posts can be shared to your global profile timeline. Posts that can be shared will have a HeyJinni share button next to the posts, which you can select to share. Otherwise, all satellite page posts stay on your satellite pages for subscribers and followers of your pages to view and interact with.
  • Live stream unless you apply or have applied a privacy option.
  • Blog posts by default appear in the global community feed and are always public. Please visit our blogs section for important information on how blog works inside HeyJinni.
  • For information on what information is public and private click here.

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