HeyJinni Trust Centre

  • What is HeyJinni Events?

    Connecting global communities Welcome to Events! Introducing HeyJinni Events – your passport to orchestrating and participating in real-world gatherings with…

  • What are the different Events options?

    Events options Your questions answered... Which Events options best suits your current plans and interests: Browse Events, Events Going, Invited,…

  • How to create an Event?

    Create event Your questions answered... Login to your account > Events > Create > Add required information > Publish to…

  • How to post on Events?

    Say something.. Your questions answered... Open an Event > Publisher's box > Say or add something > Share.

  • How to delete Event posts?

    Delete event posts Your questions answered... Find the event in question. Click on right option button of the event post…

  • How to update Event Information?

    Update event Your questions answered... Navigate to Event > From dropdown menu select Edit Event > Save.

  • How to delete an Event?

    Delete event. Your questions answered... Navigate to your Event > Edit Event > Delete.