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HeyJinni primarily operates on a single main account – the HeyJinni/community account. This account provides comprehensive access to everything within HeyJinni.

If you aim to showcase your business, brand, or products, or sell items, or monetize content, you can elevate your HeyJinni account to either a WOW account or a hybrid account. Your HeyJinni account itself allows you to perform nearly all the functions available in a WOW or Hybrid account. However, active engagement on a community account is required to earn rewards for certain activities or actions that would typically need a pro WOW account.

The hybrid account serves as a middle ground, allowing you to use your community account for both personal and business purposes. While a hybrid account has advantages such as easy management and a unified account for all activities, it also has considerations. For instance, discontinuing a monetization package reverts your account to a regular community account, which is what some users like. In contrast, a WOW account normally only reverts to a community account when downgraded by you or when a term expires.

Ultimately, deciding to have more than one account is not just a matter of choice; you must carefully weigh the pros and cons, considering factors like managing professionalism, personal expression, family and friends, followers and subscribers, and target audience, amongst other things.

Please note that each HeyJinni account requires a distinct email address. For more information on how to awicth accounts, click here.

?Moreover, it is imperative to acknowledge that the entitlements and privileges associated with one account are strictly non-transferable and cannot be conferred upon or utilised by any other account, irrespective of common ownership by the same user.

For more information on the different account types and profiles, click here.

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