HeyJinni Trust Centre

Adding & updating account information

At time of registration you can skip the following information needed for a complete profile:

  • Gender
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Photo
  • About
  • School
  • Work place
  • Relationship, etc.

I skipped some or all the above at time of registration of my account. What do I need to do to add the skipped sections?

  • To update gender, username, email, phone, country, and/or date of birth, navigate to general setting > replace or add information > save to update.
  • To update first name, last name, about me, location, school, workplace and/or relationship, navigate to profile settings > replace or add information > save to update.
  • To update profile photo and/or cover, navigate to general settings > avatar & cover > add or replace > save to update.
  • To update profile wall/background, navigate to general settings > design > add profile wallpaper > save to update.

To learn more click here.

Why does HeyJinni need this information?

As a starting point, HeyJinni does not see the need to collect sensitive user data at point of registration, even though HeyJinni has a guest option on the registration screen to help visitors get a feel of what HeyJinni is all about, Frankly, HeyJinni cannot be absolutely certain a user will return to the “welcome back” page after first registration. If and when you as a user decide to make HeyJinni a regular part of your social and business life, for various reasons, you will be required to confirm your name, date of birth/age, gender, address, country to HeyJinni to:

  1. Verify your account
  2. Verify extended profiles
  3. Verify satellite profiles
  4. Take part in PRO programmes
  5. Take part in affiliate programmes
  6. Take part in Ads
  7. Operate a Wallet
  8. Take part in monetisation schemes
  9. View age restricted content
  10. And to gain access to other products and services.

Anything you share with HeyJinni as part of any verification process is confidential. But, even if you plan not to take part in anything that may require you to confirm your identity, you should use your name, date of birth and country because, for example, country and gender are needed if you want to target ads by location or want to see ads for your particular age group . Date of birth/age is required to make sure you can view age-restricted content such as a movie appropriate for anyone aged 18 or over. You can hide your date of birth and location in privacy settings. For more on what information is public click here.

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