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Welcome to HeyJinni Ads!

Step into the world of HeyJinni Ads, where creativity meets commerce, and connections flourish. Our Advertising System is not just a feature; it’s a gateway for users to amplify their reach, share their visions, and earn through impactful advertising.

HeyJinni Ads explained..

Here’s a glimpse into what our advertising system offers:

What is HeyJinni Ads? HeyJinni’s Advertising System is a dynamic platform that allows users to post ads on our website. With this powerful tool, users can seamlessly upload image ads, reaching a global audience and making meaningful connections.

How does Ads system work? Engage with the Advertising System effortlessly through the CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPV (Cost Per View) payment models. Users can make payments directly from their HeyJinni wallet, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction process.

Designed for success: HeyJinni Ads cater to a diverse audience, including ad and marketing agencies as well as businesses of all sizes. Aligned with HeyJinni’s vision, our Advertising System aims to connect global business and consumer communities, fostering meaningful interactions.

How to harness the power of HeyJinni Ads:

  • Explore the Advertising System feature on HeyJinni.
  • Upload captivating image ads to showcase your brand, product, or message.
  • Opt for CPC or CPV payment models based on your advertising goals.

Embrace the potential of global advertising, where every click and view propels you toward success.

If HeyJinni Ads is not the right fit for your going concerns, you can explore HeyJinni Managed Ads, part of our Agency Partner Programmes.

Please visit our monetisation centre for more information.

📢 This programme will launch in 2024 with the Monetisation Centre. Stay tuned! 🚀

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