HeyJinni Trust Centre

Yes, you can. Go to general setting> username> enter new username> save to update.

Before you do….

Your username is used to create your community profile, and any extended profiles..

Your account username is your web address. It represents and identifies you both inside and outside HeyJinni. It helps HeyJinni and search engines to index and retrieve you. It helps community members, businesses, family, friends and followers to quickly find you. It’s a good idea to consider why you want to change your username as this can help prevent future problems with your online presence. Make sure you don’t change your username too many times, as that can end up confusing your audience and possibly resulting in lost business opportunities. 

You will lose your verified status and all associated benefits (if you are a verified user) if you change  your username. However, you will only lose it for any of your other profile usernames.

If you are a verified account user, HeyJinni does not recommend changing username, unless you are happy to start all over again. 

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