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Notifications – your personalized gateway to stay informed and connected! Notifications are your digital companions, delivering real-time updates on the latest actions and activities within the HeyJinni community. From likes on your posts to new friend requests, notifications keep you in the loop.

The beauty lies in your hands – you have the power to tailor these notifications to suit your preferences. Visit your notification preferences, where customization is key. Modify the nature and method of your notifications to ensure your HeyJinni experience aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Embrace the flow of information, stay connected, and make HeyJinni Notifications your guide to the pulse of our vibrant community!


Account settings apply to all profiles, and you can update them anytime. It’s important to note that your pro WOW, Hybrid, and Extended account profiles, and/or mobile applications, may come with additional settings. For more on HeyJinni account click here.

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