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All about notifications

Notifications involve receiving updates regarding actions and activities on HeyJinni. You have the option to visit your notification preferences and modify the nature and method of these notifications. The kinds of notifications you might get vary based on the specific platform you are using. This section is focused on Community notifications. For your saellite account notififications, please click the relevant links.


  • Blaze notification settings
  • Flame notification settings
  • Ultima notification settings


Account settings apply to all profiles, and you can update your settings anytime. Also important note is that your satellite pages come with their own or additional settings. Account settings, including privacy and who you block, apply to each profile individually. For more on HeyJinni account click here.

Also important to remember is that your global profile notifications and settings don’t carry over to your other profiles such as blaze, flame, ultima, groups, or pages. You can manage settings separately for each profile, and can update privacy settings for your extended and satellite profiles at any time.

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