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Welcome to HeyJinni Classified Ads – your premier destination for hassle-free local buying and selling! Effortlessly list your items for free and connect with local buyers through HeyJinni Market. The process is as straightforward as uploading and publishing your items, making it easy for both sellers and buyers. HeyJinni Market is not only search engine-optimized but also accessible to guest users, ensuring that finding and listing local items is a breeze – no account required!

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⚠️ While registered users enjoy a range of options to contact, report, and transact with sellers, it’s important to note that HeyJinni cannot guarantee that a seller is a real seller or that a buyer is a real buyer unless the seller is a verified user (for more, please visit HeyJinni Monetization Centre). In all other cases, we encourage users to carry out due diligence on buyers and sellers before exchanging goods or money. Please read HeyJinni’s Terms of Use before you start advertising your products for sale or purchasing advertised products on HeyJinni.

For imformatiom on how users can sell their items directly via HeyJinni Market, please click here.

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