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HeyJinni takes the security and privacy of user data seriously. Whether you are on HeyJinni website or mobile apps, your privacy settings travel with you. You can control every aspect of what you want to share or do not want to share in your privacy settings. Privacy settings apply to all accounts and profiles, and you can update your privacy settings anytime. For more on accounts and profiles, click here.


It’s worth exercising some caution when using social media. Not everyone using social media is necessarily who they say they are. Take a moment to check if you know the person, and if the friend/link/follow is genuine. Less obviously, you should think about your digital footprint, which is a term used to describe the entirety of information that you post online, including photos and status updates. Nefarious individuals can use this publicly available information to steal your identity, or use it to make phishing messages more convincing. You should think about what you’re posting, and who has access to it. Have you configured the privacy options so that it’s only accessible to the people you want to see it?


Utilise privacy settings to control your digital footprint. Social media serves as a fantastic means to stay connected with family, friends, business contacts, and stay abreast of the latest news. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to understand how to effectively manage security and privacy settings to ensure that your personal information remains accessible only to you


Empower your HeyJinni experience with the Hide, Report, & Block – powerful tools for shaping your online environment. Encounter a post that doesn’t align with your preferences? You have the choice to hide and/or report it. If you come across content that violates guidelines or community standards, the Report post and Report user features are at your fingertips, allowing you to bring it to our attention. Click here to learn more.

Use 2-step verification (2SV) to protect your accounts AT TIME OF REGISTRATION

2-step verification (often shortened to 2SV and sometimes called two-factor authentication) provides a way of ‘double checking’ that you really are the person you are claiming to be when you’re using online services, such as social media, banking or email.


It is easy to sign-up with a false date of birth. For expert advice about how to keep children safe online, please, in addition to reading our policies carefully, refer to: 

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