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The Wallet

Your wallet is your digital account. Whether you add funds to your digital account or HeyJinni credits your account with credit, it all resides in your wallet. We use the term “wallet” instead of “account” to encompass the various elements it may contain—earned points, redeemable credits, or a user’s own funds, which can be utilised for doing lots of things on HeyJinni.

At HeyJinni, we distinguish between two types of credits in your digital account: “Wallet Credit” (WC) and “Wallet Funded Wallet” (FW). WC represents non-monetary credits gifted to users through HeyJinni’s promotional programmes. These can be redeemed to make purchases and run ads, for example. On the other hand, FW is where users add their own money to the digital account, allowing them to run campaigns or access other premium services on HeyJinni.

Clock on this link to learn about your wallet and credit dashbaord.

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