HeyJinni Trust Centre

Connecting global communities

Building blocks

Introducing HeyJinni Family – where connections transcend all walks of life! On HeyJinni, our diverse community comes together for a myriad of reasons, and for some, it includes connecting with family members on the platform. Enter the ‘Add to Family’ feature – designed to bring your family closer through private group chats and calls.

In this inclusive space, users have the opportunity to unite with their family members on HeyJinni, creating a secure environment for shared moments and conversations. Whether you’re planning a family event, coordinating schedules, or simply staying connected, the ‘Add to Family’ feature is your gateway to fostering meaningful connections within your HeyJinni family.

Embrace the warmth of HeyJinni Family, where bonds strengthen, and shared experiences become the heartbeat of your private digital sanctuary.

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