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Unlock a world of exclusive opportunities with HeyJinni Offers! As a user with a Page on HeyJinni, you have the power to create compelling offers and showcase your products to our vibrant global community. HeyJinni Offers is your gateway to promoting time-limited discounts, perfect for special occasions like Black Friday or any other promotions you have in mind. For optimal impact, seamlessly combine the Offers feature with our Marketplace and Ads functionalities. Elevate your reach, captivate the audience, and make your next product offer a standout success with HeyJinni Offers!

Creating & Deleting Offers

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Offers FAQs

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⚠️ You need a Page to create Offers. If you do not have a Page, you can create a new Page.

To create Offers:

  1. Navigate to your Page.
  2. Click on “Create Offers.”
  3. Follow the provided instructions.
  4. Click “Publish” to publish.

To edit:

  1. Navigate to the Page where you created the offer.
  2. Click on “Edit.”
  3. Save the changes to update.

To delete:

  1. Navigate to your Page or find your Offers.
  2. Click on “Delete.”
  3. Confirm to proceed with the deletion.

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