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Information you share is always public unless limited by certain privacy settings listed below. For instance, you have the option to restrict visibility to specific groups, such as private (visible only to you) or friends. Some of the details provided in your profile, like age, language, and country, are inherently public. Additionally, a portion of your profile, referred to as the community/public profile, is utilised to facilitate connections with friends and family. This public profile encompasses your name, gender, username, age/date of birth, country, profile picture, and cover photo. These features aid us in the following various ways:

  • Your name, profile picture and cover photo help people recognise you.
  • Gender helps us to show you gender-specific content.
  • Listing your networks (e.g. school, workplace) allows others to find you more easily.
  • Username is your profile URL.
  • Age range helps provide you with age-appropriate content.
  • Language and country help us to provide localised services such as Common Things.

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