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To create a Page, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account: Sign in to your account and navigate to the Home page.
  2. Access My Pages: Click on “My Pages” in the menu.
  3. Initiate Page Creation: Locate and click on the “Create” button.
  4. Complete Required Information: Fill out all necessary information. Provide a name for your Page (e.g., My Blog).
  5. Set Page URL: Input a page URL with no spaces or hyphens, except underscores (e.g., my_page).
  6. Select Category: Choose a category that best represents your Page.
  7. Add Description: Input a brief description outlining the purpose or content of your Page (e.g., “My page is about…”).
  8. Include Business Email: Add your business email for communication purposes.
  9. Publish Your Page: To make your Page live, click on the “Create” button.

Following these steps ensures a smooth and efficient creation process for your HeyJinni Page. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, please feel free to reach out for assistance.

πŸ“ The next step is to navigate to your newly published Page. Click on “Edit” and then select “General Settings” to add or update information. This will allow you to modify and enhance the details associated with your Page.

πŸ“ Here is a list of all the things you can to do to promote and manage your Page:

βœ… Update Page nameβœ…Update categoryβœ… Add or update emailβœ… Add or update Call to Action
βœ… Enable user posts on your Pageβœ… Disable user posts on your Page βœ… Verify Pageβœ… Update Page information
βœ… Add or update social linksβœ… Add or update Page avatarβœ… Add or update Page coverβœ… Change Page theme
βœ… Add Admin rolesβœ… Remove Admin rolesβœ… View Page analytics βœ… Delete Page (password required)
βœ… WoW boost Page*βœ… Un-boost Page*βœ… Post Jobsβœ… Post Offers
βœ… Invite users to like Pageβœ… Post photos and videosβœ… Create any kind of postβœ… Generate AI posts
* available to WoW memebrs only.

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