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Manage Sessions Settings FAQs

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HeyJinni provides you with features to monitor and manage the devices and locations where their account is currently logged in. This is to help you maintain the security of your accounts and identify any unauthorised access.

Key functionalities related to managing sessions on HeyJinni include:

  1. Viewing your active sessions: you can see a list of all devices and locations where your account is currently logged in.
  2. Logging out remotely: You have the option to log out of your account on specific devices remotely. This can be useful if you forget to log out on a public computer or suspect unauthorised access.
  3. Reviewing device history: Your sessions settings provide a history of devices used to log in, allowing you to review past sessions.
  4. Security alerts: You may receive alerts or notifications when a new device or location accesses your account, enhancing security by alerting you to potential unauthorised access.
  5. Changing Passwords: HeyJinni may encourage you to change your password, if we notice suspicious activity or if there’s a risk of unauthorised access.

To manage your sessions:

  1. Go to General Settings > Profile  > Social > Invitation > Notification > Design > Avatar & Cover > Privacy >Password > Manage Sessions
  2. View all logged in sessions, past and current.
  3. Remove a device(s) or log out of all sessions.

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