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Your options

Navigate to and select Blog from menu > “my articles” > “Create” to create blog post.

On any page you are on find and select “+Create” button on top bar menu >on blog screen select “Create” to create blog post.

  • Title (Must be more than 10 characters).
  • Description (Must be more than 32 characters).
  • Content (the world is your oyster).
  • Drop or upload thumbnail, 770 x 500 px recommended. Use large file size jpeg for better resolution.
  • Select Category from dropdown menu.
  • Add comma separated hash tags (e.g., events,  shops, speakers). Always use lowercase characters (e.g. hello) not uppercase (HELLO) or Capital letters (Hello). Tags help HeyJinni too pool all related articles together in one place, and, most importantly, publish them to “Trending”.
  • Tap Publish to publish to Blog.

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