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If you are experiencing issues with HeyJinni account switching:

  1. Go to General Settings and then Manage Sessions:
    • Navigate to your HeyJinni account’s General Settings > Manage Sessions.
  2. Remove the most recent Session Device or Logout of All Sessions:
    • Identify the most recent session (e.g., now, 1 hour ago, 1 week ago.)
    • Either remove the most session device or choose to log out of all sessions.
  3. Alternatively, clear Browser Cache:
    • Clear the browser cache on the device you are using.
    • This can be done through browser settings on yoir computer.
  4. If Issues persist, raise a Ticket with Resolution Centre:
    • If the problem persists, escalate the issue by raising a ticket through HeyJinni’s Resolution Centre.
    • Provide specific details about the problem to expedite the resolution process.

Additional Tips:

  • Ensure that the browser is up to date.
  • Verify that the device has a stable internet connection.

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