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  1. Forgot password:
    • Helpful Hint: If you’re having trouble with your password, navigate to HeyJinni.com and click on ‘Forgot Password’ to reset your password. Follow the instructions sent to your email.
  2. Incorrect username or email:
    • Helpful Hint: Double-check that you’re entering the correct username or email associated with your HeyJinni account.
  3. Caps Lock or Keyboard Issue:
    • Helpful Hint: Ensure that the Caps Lock key is turned off, and check for any keyboard input errors.
  4. Browser cache and cookies:
    • Helpful Hint: Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, then try logging in again.
  5. Account locked:
    • Helpful Hint: If you’ve attempted to log in multiple times unsuccessfully, your account may be temporarily locked. Wait for a while and try again or follow the account recovery process.
  6. Network connection issues:
    • Helpful Hint: Check your internet connection. Sometimes, network issues can prevent successful logins.
  7. Outdated browser:
    • Helpful Hint: Ensure you’re using an up-to-date browser version that is compatible with HeyJinni.
  8. Security software interference:
    • Helpful Hint: Check if your antivirus or firewall settings are blocking HeyJinni. Adjust settings if necessary.
  9. Account hacked:
  10. Account inactivity:
  11. Browser compatibility:
    • Helpful Hint: Ensure that the browser you’re using is compatible with HeyJinni. Try an alternative browser if needed.
  12. Account suspension:
    • Helpful Hint: Accounts can be suspended for violating HeyJinni’s terms. Review our terms of use and contact support for clarification.
  13. Email confirmation pending:
    • Helpful Hint: Check if you’ve received an email for account confirmation. Follow the provided link if required.
  14. Device compatibility:
    • Helpful Hint: Ensure that the device you’re using is compatible with HeyJinni. Try logging in from a different device if possible.
  15. Browser autofill issues:
    • Helpful Hint: Disable autofill or autocomplete features in your browser to prevent incorrect information from being filled in.

If you’ve exhausted these options and still can’t log in, please raise a ticket with the Resolution Centre for further assistance. For more, click here.

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