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Popular Posts: How it works

Welcome to Popular Posts—an avenue where your content takes center stage in the Global Community Feed. The concept is simple yet powerful: posts that receive enough likes ascend to Popular Posts, gaining exposure and increased chances of interaction.

Maximize exposure: Achieving visibility within the Global Community Feed opens the door to a broader audience. Your posts become part of a dynamic space where diverse voices converge.

Engagement unleashed: Popular Posts on HeyJinni thrive on engagement. More likes mean more visibility, sparking interactions that amplify the impact of your content across the community.

Audience matters: Posts published with “Everyone” as the audience soar to Popular Posts, ensuring maximum exposure. Opting for “Friends” or “Only Me” keeps your posts nestled within your My Community Feed.

Choose “Everyone” for Impact: To unlock the full potential of your content—both engagement and exposure—always select “Everyone” as your audience. This choice catapults your posts into the vibrant tapestry of HeyJinni’s Global Community.

Elevate your reach, spark conversations, and make your mark with HeyJinni Popular Posts. Your audience awaits in the Global Community Feed.

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