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Post audience:

  1. Navigate to Publisher’s box/panel.
  2. Say or add something.
  3. Choose your audience:
    • Only Me (for private viewing)
    • My Friends (My Community Feed)
    • Everyone (Global Feed)
    • Anonymous (Hide your Identity)
    • Monetized (for post monetization)

Editing Your Posts:

  1. Click on the specific post you’d like to edit.
  2. In the top right corner, click the dropdown menu .Options include:
    • Edit the description
    • Add more photos
    • Open the post in a new tab
    • Disable comments (enabled by default)
    • Pin the post to the top of your timeline
    • Boost the post (available to WOW users only)
    • Delete the post or remove a photo.

Changing Audience: AFTER

  • To modify the audience after publishing:
  1. Click the post you want to control.
  2. Access the dropdown menu on the top left of the post.
  3. Select a new audience setting.

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