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Your life on planet HeyJinni starts with an account. You must create a HeyJinni account in order to access and use any HeyJinni service or product, unless you are just browsing as a guest user. Your global account is your HeyJinni account. Your HeyJinni account is created at time of registration. Your HeyJinni account is where you:

  • Enter information about yourself such as a username, first and last name, country, email address, mobile phone number, date of birth and/or gender. You may be asked to confirm your details if you want access to certain services such as ads, video channels, music channels, or participate in HeyJinni monetisation schemes.
  • Create a password to log into your account.

Generally, at HeyJinni no meaningful distinction is made between your HeyJinni account and account profile (“Global Profile”) as your global profile is created at the same time as you register for your global account, and is the public face of your global account. Unless a context requires otherwise, any reference to your "community profile" is  a reference to your (a)  global account and (b) global profile. More specifically:

  • Your global profile is the profile that you complete on or following registration of your HeyJinni account.
  • Your global profile like your global account is required.
  • Your global profile identifies and represents you on HeyJinni and is the place where you share information about yourself (e.g. photos, videos, interests, places, etc). A HeyJinni account without anything to represent it is just an email address and a password.
  • Your global profile must be active in order to create and manage extended profiles (stores, pages, groups. etc.,) or satellite accounts and profiles (Blaze, Flame or Ultima) as admin.
  • Information from your community profile is used to create your satellite accounts, though you can replace a lot of the information such as username, first name, and surname, if you choose to .
    Any key changes you make to your community profile such as country, gender, and/or age, is carried over to your satellite profiles (if you choose to operate one).
  • Your extended profiles are deleted when your community profile is deleted.
  • Your satellite pages are deleted when your community profile is deleted.
  • Your global profile is deleted when your global account is deleted.
  • When your global account is deleted, all your information is deleted

Extended profiles are used for doing different things on HeyJinni. You can delete your extended profiles individually such as Pages and Groups. All extended profiles are created under global account. Any profile not created under your “satellite account” is an extended profile.

Satellite accounts and profiles ( or simply “satellite pages”) are used for doing different things on HeyJinni. They are special status accounts that are created with infromation from your community profile. You don’t create a satellite account in the same way that you create your community profile. They are automatically created the moment you “tap” login, unlike an extended profile which has to be created from almost scratch such as a page or group. In many respects, satellite pages are user monetisation accounts (“business accounts”), but HeyJinni does not to refer to satellite accounts as business accounts, given your ability to operate these accounts with earned points. In any event, you can delete your satellite pages individually just like you can any extended profile. However, each satellite page comes with its own profile and extended account settings, mobile apps; ad system, monetisation system; feed, posts, status, age and geo-specific content, messaging system, and blocking system.

HeyJinni satellite pages are:

Any reference to your community profile is a reference to your (a) global account and (b) global profile. Ordinarily, at HeyJinni no real distinction is  made between your global account and global profile, but sometimes differences cannot be avoided as account settings and profile settings produce different results on HeyJinni.  So, when HeyJinni is not using the term "community profile" in reference to a feature of your global account and global profile, it is alerting you to important differences.

More specifically, your (global) community profile sits on the home page of heyjinni.com, the same place where the "global community feed" and "my community feed" reside. Your community profile is used for doing pretty much everything on HeyJinni. Your community profile is required for creating extended and satellite profiles such as pages, groups, blaze, flame, etc.

A WOW profile is any boosted profile. To leanr more click here.

Account settings apply to all your profiles, and you can access these settings through your global account. However, your satellite pages come with their own or additional account settings, including privacy and who you block, apply to each profile individually. Also important to remember is that your global profile notifications and settings don’t carry over to your other HeyJinni profiles such as extended or satellite profiles. You can manage settings separately for each profile, and can update the privacy settings for your profiles at any time.

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