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Your life on planet HeyJinni starts with an account. You must create a HeyJinni account in order to access and use any HeyJinni service or product, unless you are just browsing as a guest user. Your HeyJinni account is your Community account. Hence, 'HeyJinni account' and 'Community account' are interchangeable terms. Your HeyJinni account is created at time of registration. Your HeyJinni account is where you:

  • Enter information about yourself such as a username, first and last name, country, email address, mobile phone number, date of birth and/or gender. 
  • Create a password to log into your account.

Generally, at HeyJinni no meaningful distinction is made between your HeyJinni account and account profile. Your HeyJinni account profile is your “community profile”.  Your community profile is created at the same time as you register for your commununity account, and is the public face of your HeyJinni account. Unless a context requires otherwise, any reference to your community profile is  a reference to your community/heyJinni account. More specifically:

  • Your community profile is the profile that you complete on or following registration of your HeyJinni account.
  • Your community profile like your HeyJinni account is required.
  • Your community profile is not deleted when your hybrid or pro accounts are deleted.
  • Your community profile is deleted when your community account is deleted.
  • When your community account is deleted, all your HeyJinni account information is deleted.

A WOW profile is any boosted profile. To leanr more click here.

Extended profiles encompass Groups, Pages, and those transformed into hybrid account profiles. These special profiles offer additional features and functionalities.

Upgrading to a Pro account transforms your regular community account into a business account. With a Pro account, your profile receives a significant boost, elevating it to a WOW account. To discover more about the benefits, click here.

A Hybrid account differs from a PRO account in that it is automatically generated when you create a content monetization package, upload a product for sale, or place an ad—requiring no additional effort on your part. Your community account seamlessly transforms into a hybrid account, serving both as a personal community account for community interactions and as a business account for content monetization.

When you remove your items from the marketplace or close your content monetization accounts, your hybrid account reverts to its default state as a community account. The benefit of a hybrid account lies in its versatility; it functions as both a business and a personal account. You have the flexibility to use your community account profile for both business and personal interactions, or you can create a new account dedicated to content monetization and switch between the two accounts as needed. The choice is entirely yours.

Account settings apply universally to all your profiles, and you can access these settings through each profile's individual settings. However, each profile comes with its own set of additional account settings, including privacy and blocked users, which apply specifically to that profile.

It's crucial to note that your community account settings do not transfer to other HeyJinni profiles, such as groups and pages (extneded profiles). You can independently manage settings for each profile and make updates at any time.

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