HeyJinni Trust Centre

HeyJinni is all about helping you reach your ultimate aim of securing community attention on your business service or product. There are lots of ways we help you engage community members, and media is just another marketing tool made available at your disposal to help you focus community attention on your product or service. On this page is a non-exhaustive list of the types of media that be can be created, uploaded imported, embedded and/or shared to and on HeyJinni.

Please note that each of the locations used for sharing and publishing media content serves a distinct purpose and caters to different types of content. This diversity offers you multiple avenues to connect and involve your community wherever they are, using the approaches that suit you and your content best.
  • Video creation, upload, import, embed and share.
  • Reels creation, upload, import, embed and share.
  • Movies upload, import, embed and share.
  • Image creation, design, upload and share.
  • Audio recordings, upload, import, embed and share.
  • Music upload, import, embed and share.
  • Giff upload and share.
  • TikTok import and share.
  • YouTube import and share.
  • Facebook import and share.
  • Instagram import and share.
  • Vimeo import and share
  • ok.ru import and share.
  • Daily Motion import and share.
  • Generate AI and share

For more on content distribution, click here., and for information on how to create, upload, import, embed and share, click here.

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