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? HeyJinni Live Stream: Unleash it all in real time!

Welcome to HeyJinni Live Stream, where your moments come alive in the most vibrant way! This feature is now live, allowing you to connect with your community members in real-time. Simply tap the “Live Stream” button in your publisher’s box, and you’re set to showcase your creativity, share your experiences, or promote your products and services.

? Key Features:

  • Instant Connection: Go live anytime, anywhere, and engage with your audience in the moment.
  • Promote Your Message: Whether it’s product demos, Q&A sessions, or sharing insights, HeyJinni Live Stream is your platform to shine.
  • Combine with Events: Boost your impact by announcing your live stream in advance through HeyJinni Events. Plan, promote, and captivate your audience.

Ready to bring your ideas to life? Let HeyJinni Live Stream be your stage!

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