HeyJinni Trust Centre

To change first and last name navigate to General Setting>Follow instructions>Change First name + Last Name > Save to update.

But do you really want to?

  1. When you first register you are expected to user your first and last name.
  2. Your first and last names are used to create your global profile and any satellite account such as Fans, Flame and/or Blaze.
  3. Your first and last names help other users such as business colleagues and family members to quickly identify and connect with you.
  4. Unless you are operating several business ventures such as a video/movie channel, fans channel or music channel, HeyJinni recommends keeping the same first and last name for all profiles to easily help others find you. However, we understand that for business reasons you may not want to use the same first/surname on all your profiles.
  5. For more, please see section on global profile.

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