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Welcome Ambassadors!

Part of our Partner Programme, join the HeyJinni Ambassadors Programme if your followers are keen on boosting their branding to a global audiemce. If you’re a fan of our platform and can’t wait to spread the word, check if you’re a perfect match for our ambassadors programme below.

What we are looking for:

Your questions answered…

👥 Who are we looking for?

  • Active and engaged social media channels (+100k followers/subscribers).

🛠️ Skills and Enthusiasm

  • A passionate HeyJinni enthusiast with a good understanding of our products and services.

🗣️ Content Focus

  • Regularly discussing topics such as money earning tips, platform reviews, e-commerce, branding, advertising, and business tips on your channel.

Don’t worry if you don’t meet these criteria! You can still explore our affiliate programme.

To find out more, please visit our monetisation centre.

📢 This program will launch in 2024 with the Monetisation Centre. Stay tuned! 🚀

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